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 Ningbo Xuanshi ELectronics Co.,Ltd is a large company which specializes in manufacturing all types of switch sockets,plugs and wires.The company has been certificated by ISO 9001 early and passed through quite a few foreign authorized institutes as followed:USA-UL/CUL,Japanese-PSE,Israeli-SII,British-BS,Australian-SAA,German-VDE,French-NF,Holland-KEMA,Danish-DMKO,Swedish-SEMKO,Austrian-OVE,Finland-FI,Belgian-CEBEC,and so on.The company has acquired more than 400 such quality certificates and operates its business according to the quality requirement of ISO,which strongly proved the strength and the higher of our brand.It could be sure that it is the achievement accomplished by hard work of the staff.
With the seventeen-year experience specialized in manufacturing,we are able to provide you quality  products,and firmly believe that with our professional integrity,the cooperation between you and we will definitely bring us glorious success and extensive future in the flourishing market!

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Address:No,9,Gongji Road,Simen Industrial Zone,Yuyao City,Zhejiang Province,China
Zip code:315472

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